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Date: 4th January 2014
3 Mind Blowing And Fun Team Building Activities For Work

Team effort plays a pivotal role for any successful venture. This is why, more often than not, ice breaking games are planned and designed to break barriers among team members. A well designed challenge in the guise of fun team building activities for work will motivate the team members to develop a strong bond. Below are a few fun team building activities for work.

Airplane throwing: This is a simple game and can be easily made into a fun team building activity. What you need is sheets of paper. Divide the team in two groups and let them build airplanes from different coloured paper, representing the teams. For instance, you can give white sheets to one and blue sheets to the other team. Once they have made the planes, ask them to throw them to one another. The target is to not let any planes touch the floor.

Crossover – This is again a fun game, which can also be an amazing classy hens night ideas, where you will require dots large enough for a person to stand on them. Divide the people in groups and give a pile of dots to each group. Now all that the players have to do is to cross to the other end without stepping off the dots.

Bigger and Better- This team building activity explores the creativity of people in groups and are mainly used in art classes of Melbourne. What you must do is give a bunch of paper clips amongst different groups and ask them to create anything by using them.

To Conclude

I hope the above mentioned games will provide fun and learning experience to the new team members at any workplace. These activities can even be applied at art classes in Melbourne among new batches of kids, to help them gel well with one another. Keep watching this space for classy hens night ideas as well!

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